Instructor: Ana Krueger, Ph.D. Geophysicist / Researcher / Instructor / ConsultantGeo-scientist with 20 years of experience in the Oil and Gas industry. 


Location: Houston, Tx


Dates: June 17-19, 2019




This course is suitable for geologists, geophysicists and engineers who have a basic understanding of exploration methodologies.


Course content


Fundamental techniques; analyzing seismic reflection data. Reviewing fundamentals of seismic trace and geologic implications. Basic mapping of subsurface structure and stratigraphy.  What is a seismic wavelet?


Understand and be able to explain what a reflection wavelet is. i.e. polarity, phase and amplitude.

2D Interpretation, be able to identify and interpret, using colored pencils, seismic reflectors on a set of intersecting 2D seismic lines.  Generation of a hand-drawn time-structure map using the interpretation generated in learning outcome 3D Interpretation.


Seismic Geophysics: Seismic waves, Normal Reflection, Acoustic Impedance, Reflection Coefficients, Wavelets, Vertical / Horizontal Resolution, Thinnest beds to be resolved.


Seismic Data: Seismic, Well data, Non-seismic geophysical data


Acquisition & Processing: Land and marine Seismic Acquisition and Processing


Incorporating Geological Information: Surface geology and other geophysical methods


Picking and Mapping Horizons: Reflection, Interpretation pitfalls, Migration effects, Mapping


Structural Interpretation: Structural geology terminology, Classification of structures


Sequence Stratigraphy: Controls and basic concepts, sequence sets and flooding surfaces, sequences and systems tracts.


Seismic Stratigraphic Analysis: Recognition of Sequences in Seismic


Advanced Seismic Interpretation Techniques: Post-stack amplitude analysis, Seismic attributes, Surface attributes, Other techniques, AVO, Impedance inversion


Depth Conversion: Estimates of depth on seismic data, time / depth data from wells and stacking velocities


Duration: 3-day

Number of Participants: Max 20

Prerequisites: None

Course Format: Classroom exercises and presentations

    Houston- Introduction to Seismic Interpretation / Instructor: Ana Krueger, Ph.D.

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    • Courses are administered at the Preffered Bank Building in the Energy Corridor, hotels near by and many restaurants to choose from.