PETROPHYSICS I - Foundations


Location: Dubai, UAE


Course Dates: March 31 to April 3, 2019


Instructor: Emilio Azout



This four-day course is designed for geologists, geophysicists, petrophysicists working in exploration and exploitation.  Geoscientists and engineers with less than twelve months' experience using petrophysical data and other technical staff at all experience levels wanting a fundamental background in the petrophysics discipline.

Course Description

Introduction to Petrophysics covers fundamental petrophysical relations, with a primary focus on understanding water saturation, fluid contacts and free water level.  Participants learn formation evaluation based on pore-geometry and petrophysical rock types.

Petrophysics is fundamental to all aspects of the petroleum business. Principles, applications, and integration of petrophysical information for reservoir description will be discussed in depth. Through a combination of class discussion and exercises/workshops, participants will learn how to conduct competent quick-look evaluations. Using data from open hole logs, logging-while-drilling, and core data you will evaluate porosity, permeability, and saturation in a variety of reservoirs. Knowing how to integrate petrophysical information with other data sources will improve participants' ability to assess technical risk when examining hydrocarbon opportunities.

You will learn

  • Why petrophysics is important and how it is the key to building reservoir models
  • Why core-log integration helps improve our understanding of reservoir rocks
  • Petrophsyical rock types are relate storage and flow capacity with capillary pressure
  • Understand and apply at a basic level the theory and operation of major petrophysical tools
  • A practical way to understand capillary fluid contacts and free water level
  • Using Advanced Flow Units as An Integration and Well Evaluation Tool
  • Calibrate porosity and permeability values from core and log sources for improved saturation calculations
  • Apply basic open hole logging, borehole seismic, image, and LWD/MWD
  • Analyze and integrate log, core, geoscience, and engineering well data for well and field development projects
  • Select petrophysical tool combinations for specific applications
  • Assess the impact of petrophysical analyses on technical uncertainty estimates of reservoirs

Course Content

  • Fundamental concepts of petrophysics
  • Depositional systems and petrophysical rock parameters
  • Nature of porosity and permeability
  • Basic rock properties; theory and quick look techniques
  • Mudlogging
  • Core analysis, acquisition, interpretation, and quality checks
  • Theory and basics of resistivity, radioactivity, acoustic tools
  • LWD/MWD versus open hole logging
  • Determination of rock types using core and logs
  • Petrophysical impact on economic uncertainty
  • Evolving petrophysical technologies
  • Overview of cased hole logging


Duration: 4 days / 9:00 am - 5:00 pm


Number of Participants: Max 20

Dubai, UAE- Petrophysics I - Foundations / Instructor: Emilio Azout

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  • This course will be conducted in Dubai, UAE location to be determined, we will email you all the course details.