Seismic Reservoir Characterization


Location: Houston, Tx


Dates: May 13-16, 2019


About the course

This course is specifically for high resolution definitions using information contained within seismic volumes.  Concepts and applications of attribute modelling and inversion modelling that define features such as lithological variations, micro-structure, fluid, secondary porosity and permeability and distribution will be presented.



Geologists, geophysicists, stratigraphers and sedimentologists who are looking to develop skills in petroleum systems interpretation and distribution mapping and who are familiar with seismic interpretation.


The course will teach you how to:

To develop a business proposal for any Reservoir Characterization project

To apply the concept of correlation length to understand reservoir continuity

To define hydraulic flow units in a reservoir

To assess the economics of oil and gas projects across their entire life cycle

To carry out the integrated Reservoir Characterization process


Course Description:

Introduction to seismic reservoir characterization

Introduction to seismic seal characterization

Impact of seismic quality and geological constraints on prospect attribute modeling

Dynamic properties and modeling potential

Statistical rock physics

Attributes for prospect analysis

Multi-attribute analysis


Fracture modeling and conduit analysis

Lithological mapping and lithological variations

Fluid modeling and conduit analysis

Direct Hydrocarbon Indicators and advanced hydrocarbon modeling

Play-fairway mapping and reservoir distribution


Quality control and limitations of the petroleum characterization using seismic data

Other applications


4 days


Number of Participants: Max 20

Houston- Seismic Reservoir Characterization

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  • Courses are administered at the Preffered Bank Building in the Energy Corridor, hotels near by and many restaurants to choose from.