Premier Partner Members have access to all our courses with total priority booking, especially on the most popular courses offered throughout the year with a discount.

Ingenuity, Inc. offers a wide range combination of choice, quality and reliability in training to the Oil & Gas industry.


We always plan and arrange for our courses to have back-ups and additional course dates to meet the demand. The program continues to grow with our client's needs.Our courses are taught by distinguished visiting guest professors who normally are world renewed authority in their subject matters. Continual development ensures courses maintain their relevance, keeping them aligned with industry changes and developments.


Our philosophy is "top-class professors, top-class content & quality".Most attendees recommend the course to industry contacts and work colleagues.Participant feedback is of paramount importance, it is collected on every course and is analyzed as part of a thorough quality assurance process.


We always run a scheduled program that meets the current market demands. Therefore, we are careful not to offer a program which requires cancellation of multiple courses due to low numbers.

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