Nuno Andre Couto, Ph.D. (Inc.), Geologist / Petrophysicist / Instructor / Consultant

Geologist, Petrophysicist, Consultant with 33+ years of experience, worked at Petrobras as a Senior Petrophysicist, responsible for teaching several Petrophysical courses at Petrobras University.


As a career Petrophysicist, I was responsible for evaluation of wells throughout the world where Petrobras had operations. The job role is co-ordination and provision of all aspects of petrophysics within in a multidisciplinary team environment with following responsibilities: 


Log Evaluation: Log Data Acquisition, Planning, Editing and Interpretation of mud, standard and special log data like NMR/CMR, TDT/RST, pressure tests, image logging, sidewall coring and conventional coring, the majority of the wells were for Exploration Wells.


Plan, prepare and supervise Logging Operations on- and offshore. Liaison with logging contractors and well services groups. Cost estimation of operations, QC and quick look analysis. Perform post-well evaluations.


  • Promotion of standard workflows and data handling procedures for the project teams. 

  • Coordinate collection of all petrophysical data and maintenance of petrophysical database (Recall). 

  • Perform volumetric assessments and participate in hydrocarbon in place assessment. 

  • Promotion of technology development within Petrobras. 

  • Supervision of contractor personnel and mentoring of staff to ensure technical integrity of projects. 

  • Responsible for obligations resulting from HSE program and activity plan within the working area. 

  • Participate or organize data-rooms, make quick look estimations for exploration projects and advise project teams and management on exploration risks and opportunities. 

  • Distinguished Guest Speaker & Lecture and explain logging technology to reservoir, G&G and other disciplines within Petrobras organizational.

  • Data presentation through workshops & presentations to project teams, peers and management. 

  • Cooperate with other departments in all matters of log data acquisition, administration and evaluation. 

  • Perform consistent petrophysical interpretations (lithology, phi, So, Sg, NET, N/G, sums and averages), culminating in fully documented petrophysical models, which describe the fluids distribution within reservoirs, for implementation in 3D modelling. Identifies by-passed hydrocarbons and workover opportunities. 

  • Conducted special studies (e.g. Routine / Special Core Analysis integrated with petrophysical analysis) to standardize petrophysical parameters and methods. 

  • Independently planned, lead and direct service personnel in carrying out specialized wire line data acquisition and interpretation services for internal and Joint Venture customers in a cost effective, efficient and safe manner. 

  • Performed petrophysical evaluation during FDP formulation/implementation and Full Field Reviews (FFR).

Work Experience:



Texas A&M University, Ph.D. inc., Petroleum Engineering, 2001

Universidade Federal do Para, MsC., Borehole Geophysics, 1992

Universidade Federal Rural do Rio de Janeiro, B.S., Geology / Earth Science General