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Ingenuity, Inc. was founded in 2001, however the principals who founded the company started their journey in the M&A business 37 years ago when the seed for a new kind of company was planted — one that would disrupt the way mid-size businesses are sold.

Today, we continue to find a better way. There is plenty of proof that the more buyers you go to, the more bids you’re going to get, the higher the price, the better the fit.

Our goal is the relentless pursuit of positively impacting the future of the clients we serve.

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Areas of M&A strategic business consulting.

M&A Integration Consulting

The best way to learn about integration is to have gone through them before and know what can work and understand possible pitfalls to avoid.

M&A Integration Planning

Our integration teams help our clients create plans that are clear, logical, and achievable.

M&A Integration Planning and Execution

Our consultants can help you develop an air-tight Game Plan that will build trust and instill confidence. We make sure you come off the line fast and execute the all-important “opening moves.” A well-executed Day 1 buys goodwill with employees and customers. It also reassures analysts and quiets the skeptics.

M&A Communication Planning

Mergers create an insatiable demand for more information. Our senior advisors can save you hundreds of hours of time by providing communication solutions that are field tested under difficult M&A conditions. Our communication tools and techniques help keep people focused, productive, and engaged.

M&A Staffing, Transition, and Retention Planning

Deciding how to staff the combined organization is the most delicate task in M&A integration. There's almost always a need to eliminate redundancies and identify and retain people who are needed transitionally, but not indefinitely. Our advisors help you develop a staffing process that is fair, fast, and appropriate for your deal.

M&A Culture Integration

We help acquirers develop and execute a plan to identify and reconcile the most meaningful cultural differences. All too often, management adopts a passive approach and never seriously addresses cultural integration.

M&A Integration Development

Every integration is different, but all successful, efficient ones require processes for governance, planning, scheduling, strategic management, risk management, and reporting.

Ingenuity can help you build a flexible, scalable M&A integration playbook tailored to your needs. Whatever the soft spots in your approach, we can address them as we improve and document your methodology.


M&A Integration Implementation

We offer advice and counsel, support, and a structured, disciplined approach to integration implementation. Our job is to protect the integration plan, front to back.

Ingenuity knows what to expect and how you should respond. We help you maintain momentum and keep your integration on track.


Post-Merger Integration Audit

Rarely does an integration fully optimize your business. The reality is you can't afford to go slowly enough to get everything perfect during the first pass. That's why we recommend you take a second look after you've successfully completed your integration. Ingenuity consultants can perform an effective Post-Merger Audit to identify further opportunities for continued growth.

Timing can be everything

We are a boutique M&A Consulting company, we are extremely focused on making you very successful, when companies decide to expend their businesses, strategic planning and financing is critical, opportunities come and you must cease it, there is no time for waiting, trying to raise money can be a full time job for the entrepreneur, having years of experience as entrepreneurs our executive team knows what you are going thru, we have been thru it before and know that time is of the essence.


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We will work with you thru the processes of due diligence, you can count on us helping you every step of the way.