Albin Kerekes, Geophysicist, Author, Consultant, Instructor, Researcher 

With over 40 years of expertise in the design of seismic strategy based upon the geological and geophysical database for a given set of exploration objectives. 
The source of such unconventional expertise is my decades-long exposure to seismic field work in the North African deserts, the South American rain forests, the Arctic and like hostile environments most geophysicists avoid.
As for the variety of seismic prospects my unconventional experience have tackled the Parana Basin basalt's, the Taurus fold belt, the Jurassic basin of East Greenland, the reef-ridden shoreline of Belize, the high-resolution challenge of Patagonia, the salt-ridden basins of Yemen and many more complexities around the world.

Albin has conducted over 35 courses throughout the world.


Hungarian National "Eotvos Lorand" Geophysical Institute, Applied Geophysics / Applied Seismology.

Work Experience: 

Societe Algerienne de Geophysique, Dome Petroleum Ltd, Resource Engineering and Management International, Geosource Exploration Company, Paulipetro Consorcio CESP/IPT, Arco International Oil and Gas Company, Liberty Seismic Consultants Inc., Petroskills LLC, Liberty Seismic Consultants Inc.