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Alam Lembang, Geophysicist and Geological Engineer / Oil and Gas Institute of Bucharest, Romania

Alam Lembang was born in Sumatra, Indonesia. He holds the degree of Geophysical Engineer and Geological Engineer from Oil and Gas Institute of Bucharest, Romania in 1963. Alam has broad experience and has been active in exploration geophysics and geology from seismic acquisition, seismic processing, to seismic interpretation and including additional potential field methods. He has played a key role in the Oil & Gas exploration phase covering geographical areas from tertiary basin of the jungle of Sumatra, paleozoic basin of Grand Erg Occidental in Algeria, mesozoic basin of southern part of Rhub Al Khali Sand Desert in the Yemen, mesozoic basin of Northern Syria, mesozoic basin of Cuba, tertiary basin of Romania, and the tertiary and mesozoic basin of Maracaibo and Eastern Venezuela basin. At the present he is consulting as geophysical adviser to Petroleos de Venezuela. Alam Lembang has over 30 years’ experience teaching short courses in exploration geophysics & geology. His teaching values are to highlight the critical concepts and principle fundamentals of geophysics and geology; in order to progress efficiently with minimized risks in today’s modern industry. His courses do not employ any industry software applications. The programs exist in two forms: basic or expanded i.e. individual one-to-one coaching for an ongoing transfer of knowledge guarantee with teaching assistance; hence immediate return on training investment. He speaks English, Indonesian, Romanian, French and Spanish. Clients include NOCs, government ministries of hydrocarbon and mines, and multiple private companies. Alam Lembang is Emeritus member of Society of Exploration Geophysics (SEG) and has received a medal “Honor al Merito” from the Society of Geophysics of Venezuela.